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Meet the Founders
Edward H. Lyon PDF Print E-mail

Edward H. Lyon — General Manager

Ed is Cool Telecom's general manager. As a security systems dealer Ed reminds us of Edwin Holmes.

The first patent for an electric burglar alarm was issued in 1853 (no. 9,802) to Augustus Pope of Somerville, MA. A shopkeeper and entrepreneur by the name of Edwin Holmes purchased the patent in 1857 and set up a company to install and operate electric burglar alarm systems in Boston. It was Holmes shop where a young Alexander Graham Bell worked on his new invention; the telephone. Over 100 years later it was Ed Lyon, security

Mark W. Mumma PDF Print E-mail

Mark W. Mumma — Technology Guy

Mark is our head geek. Part Mad Scientist, part entrepreneur, Mumma discovered Voice over Internet Protocol in the mid 2000s and was fascinated by the call quality and cost effectiveness of VoIP. Mumma has been intrigued by telecommunications since he was a small boy growing up in Blackwell, Oklahoma.

Getting his own telephone line in his room at his childhood home at the age of 16, Mumma began a love affair with telecom that has lasted over 30 years. Affordable answering machines came on the scene while Mumma