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Cool Telecom can help you break free from your business land line telephone provider. Are you tired of being nickeled and dimed to death for extra features? All of our features are standard. If you have ever had a problem with customer service, value for your dollar or relentless billing issues; or if your business suffers from busy signals when customers try to call or you don't have enough lines for everyone to call out, then Cool Telecom is for you! We have calling plans starting at $69.00.
Cool Telecom SPA941
We can help you discover the freedom and the savings of Cool Telecom as your personal consultants that maintain your new phone system all included in our low monthly rates. Need another extension? There's no charge for that. You just pay for (or provide) the new extension and install it by simply plugging it into the Internet at your office or elsewhere.

Can your current phone system do THIS?

(See detailed feature list)
  • Route calls through the Internet?
  • Route calls to your cell phone?
  • Use a spam filter to block telemarketers?
  • Block unwanted calls with a black list?
  • Allow you to access voicemail by phone, email or web?
  • Answer your business line with a human-friendly auto attendant?
  • Give your customers driving directions and company hours?
  • Save you as much as 50% over traditional land line suppliers?
  • Allow you to hold, transfer and conference call from your cell phone?
  • Have remote extensions across town or across the globe?
  • Make local calls overseas?
  • Monitor, record and playback incoming or outgoing calls (even cell phone calls)?
  • Constantly upgrade with new features and fixes FOR FREE?
  • Allow you to use a "softphone" on your desktop or laptop computer?
  • Schedule wake up calls?
  • Route calls based on the time of day?
  • Answer your doorbell?
  • Review your call log and listen to recordings of stored calls?
  • Provide telephone service to your additional locations all from one PBX?
  • Route calls based on CallerID?
  • Look up CallerID records from 10-20 sources ALL AT ONCE?
A Cool PBX from Cool Telecom can do all of these things and more. Call us today for a custom, free quote and see how much more your telephone system can do for almost half of what you're paying for land line telephone service now.