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A word or two about our name.

Naming a telephone company is a lot harder than it sounds. Sure we considered names like Teleforia, Exercom, Absolex, and other hip sounding monikers. None of these abstract names sounded good to us. During this time of searching for the perfect name, we were actively approaching potential customers and describing our services and features to them.

The people who could most benefit from our offerings thought they were "cool" and they told us as much. Many of the people we spoke with liked the blacklisting feature. The ability to permanently ban a telephone number from calling seemed to be a big hit. We’ve all received those calls asking for ‘the person in charge of ordering copier supplies’ as well as the ‘person in charge of hiring janitorial companies’. More often than not, the response to this and many other of our features had a common thread. People thought the system and service we were offering was "cool".

Our proactive tech support is another thing that surprised our prospects. We fix most issues remotely which saves our customers time, money and productivity. Most issues, customizations and additions do not require a service call. If we don’t make a service call to your location, we don’t charge you for one. Everyone we told about this thought it was pretty cool, and they told us so.

Image The word "cool" was heard over and over as we described what we have to offer. "The cell bridge feature is cool" and "It’s cool how you can transfer a call to cell phone by pressing a few buttons" were common phrases heard by us as we showed people what our system can do. The bottom line is: With our world class telephone system, you can spend more time doing what it is you do, and less time messing around with your phones. Our system is smart. It’s efficient. It is, indeed, cool.

We realize there are a lot of choices for telecom. There are high end and low end systems. Our Cool PBX business class telephone system outshines systems costing as much as ten times the price while accomplishing only a fraction of the functionality. Sure, you could buy a fancy sounding name and you’ll pay big money for it. If spending large amounts of money for your phone system is your goal, we’re not the company you want.

We admin that it seems unnatural to think of your telephone provider as "cool" and we get that. We’re very interested in changing you mind about how "cool" a telephone service provider can be.

We are the service that revolves around you.

We are Cool Telecom.