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About Us
Wow Factor

Triple WOW Factor

  • WOW Factor #1: FEATURES Our Feature List is truly phenomenal. Cool Telecom offers features other telecommunications providers can't. View the list to see how we can streamline your office communications. We believe in embracing new technology — especially that which helps our clients communicate more efficiently.

  • WOW Factor #2: PRICING Our pricing is based on providing our customers with unparalleled value. All Telephone Providers make a profit. The difference between Cool Telecom and other providers is that we do not make an obscene profit. Telecommunications is an extremely competitive business. We harness this fact to your advantage by giving you the lowest possible rates.

  • WOW Factor #3: CUSTOMER SERVICE Truly spectacular Customer Service. You're never a number with Cool Telecom. You're a name with a face. We will meet with you face to face to discuss, not only your telecommunications needs, but your hopes, dreams and desires to be more efficient in your everyday telecommunications.

  • WOW Factor #4: NO CONTRACTS What may be the mother of all Wow Factors, the fact that we do not require contracts for our telephone service tends to furrow a few eyebrows. You have to wonder why everyone else does. Customer retention is very difficult in the telecom industry. So much so that nearly every competitor of ours retains their customers with long, expensive contracts. We do not need contracts to keep our customers. They stay because they're loved by us and well cared for.

    If you become our customer and EVER feel like you're not our most important customer, please call us for reassurance. If there is ever a way to make you feel better about being a Cool Telecom customer, we would love to hear it!