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History Repeats Itself

Edwin Holmes was an American inventor who is credited with inventing the burglar alarm. Holmes invented the device in his factory in Boston, Massachusetts, and began to sell them in 1858.

Later, Holmes' workshop will be used by Alexander Graham Bell as the young Bell pursues his invention of the telephone. Holmes will be the first person to have a home telephone.

Edwin Holmes
Alexander Graham Bell

In 2004 Mark W. Mumma in Oklahoma City begins the long process of developing a new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone solution for small to medium businesses. Over the next several years Mumma experiments with multiple suppliers of VoIP and decides to start his own utilizing a nationwide wholesaler of telephone services. Cool Telecom is the resulting business and Mr. Mumma's first business customer is Edward Lyon of Lyon Security, Inc. Ed Lyon is in the commercial and residential burglar alarm business.

Lyon is so taken by Mumma's concept of a business class telephone service powered by the Internet, he proposes a partnership and Cool Telecom, LLP is born in 2011.

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