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Cisco/Linksys Phone User Guide
Getting Started
Soft Keys
Placing Calls
Transferring calls
Conference Call
Parking Calls
Phone Settings
Call Forwarding, etc

Call Forwarding

  • Press the [cfwd] soft key — (What is a soft key?)
  • Enter a number to forward all calls to.
  • Press the [dial] soft key to confirm

Station Speed Dial – Programming

  • Press [dir] soft key — (What is a soft key?)
  • Press 1 to add
  • Enter info
  • Press the [save] soft key

Station Speed Dial

  • Press [dir] soft key
  • Select your number and press the [dial] soft key — (What is a soft key?)

FREE Directory Assistance

  • Dial 411 or 1411
  • Press the [dial] soft key — (What is a soft key?)
  • Speak your selection (business listings only)

Calling Cool Telecom

Using the Cell Phone Bridge (if equipped)

  • From your cell phone ONLY, call your main office number and press [9] or call the Cell Phone Bride number provided to you by Cool Telecom.
  • Enter your PIN number if prompted.
  • Dial your call. (The person you called will see your office's CallerID info instead of your cell phone's number)