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September 18, 2013

Scott Forester: We chose to go with Cool Telecom when we were remodeling our office and had our land line ripped out. We liked this technology and the features it came with.

We now have unlimited phone lines and have had as many as 15 simultaneous calls (we are a doctors office). Before with our land line, we only had 4, so it has definitely increased our communication with our patients. We love the feature of the fail-over calls. When our internet service fails us, our phones roll over to our cell phones and patients are none the wiser with no loss in communication.

We now get our faxes by email so any unwanted faxes don't waste paper and toner. I have an endless supply of email addresses for my growing staff so I no longer have to use an untrusted webmail (like yahoo). The call quality is great and the speaker phone function on our Cisco phones is crystal clear.

I can manage everything online from changing voicemail passwords to creating email accounts. I can use the monitoring feature and listen to a call to see what was REALLY said (which is handy). It is set up to automatically start ringing when we open and stop when we close. All of the holidays for the rest of the year are set so I don't have to worry about "turning the phones over".

I can even use the "cell phone bridge" to call a patient and it looks like it's from the office, when really it's from my car. Couldn't be easier and I would highly recommend it.

August 10, 2012

Elizabeth Marquez: I discovered Cool Telecom after becoming increasingly frustrated with the services provided by our old phone company. I called my old company when I realized I did not have call waiting caller ID on my business line, which meant I was missing out on several new leads everyday since I couldn't see who had called.

The old phone company wanted to charge me an extra $10 every month (on top of their already high pricing plan) to add this feature to my bundle. When I did not want to add another $10 feature, the old phone company wanted to sign me up for a new bundle. Now why would I sign up for a new bundle when I am so clearly unhappy with current services? I came across Cool Telecom quite by accident, but I am so glad I did! I spoke with a gentleman named Mark, who was very personable and explained things in a way that was easy to understand.

I set up an appointment to have him come to my office and give me a bid. My boss got back in the office around the time Mark was getting ready to leave, but Mark took the extra time to go over the bid with my boss too. There was no slick sales pitch, just direct answers and suggestions. After doing a little more research, we decided to have Mark and his company take over all our phone needs and we haven't looked back since! When I have questions, Mark is always there when I call.

I used to call the old company and get directed to different departments before someone would tell me that they would return my call, which almost never happened. I don't plan on ever using another phone company again and I would highly recommend you give this company a try. The personal attention you'll find with Cool Telecom is unmatched by these other huge companies that only seem to care about the bottom line.

August 29, 2011

Steve Burris, owner Kevo Properties: I love the new phone system. Not only is it saving me thousands of dollars each year, It sounds clear and the ease of moving calls around is so simple. Its great to know that no matter how large our company may grow we have THE phone system that will take care of all our needs. Thank you.

August 3, 2011

Amiee: I LOVE IT! We are a new company that is growing rapidly and it has saved me sooo much time. No longer do I have to take calls and transfer to the right person, the system directs the call. I had numerous complaints about busy signals, that's a thing of the past. And any time i have a question or concern, I'm able to speak with the same person that installed my system. And immediately too! I haven't even begun to utilize the many features available with this service but look forward to trying them out when needed. This is best thing that has ever happened to my company. You won't regret switching to Cool Telecom.

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